The Kiosk


Client: Oferta Simple & Mi Lujo Simple
Location: Multiplaza, Punta Pacifica, Panama City
Year: 2011-2012
Area: 15m²
Status: Completed

The kiosk for Ofertasimple / Milujosimple is located in a very popular mall in the center of Panama city. The project serves a an interface for the two virtual brands the kiosk represents. This way the kiosk helps to open up an online marketing channel that’s hardly developed in panama, mainly because of the lack of a working surface mail system to deliver the purchase. Here clients buy online and retrieve their product at the kiosk. The two main goals for the project were to generate attention and so invite clients to get to know the brands and to provide storage to function as a redemption point for the purchased goods.

The design responds with its orientation towards one of the malls most frequented plazas, with clean volumetrics, with indirect effect lighting and an ample storage volume hidden beneath the line of sight in the central body of the kiosk that serves as a meeting point, as access terminal and as a presentation area. This central desk is divided in platforms of slightly varied heights and sizes as a basis for 4 tablets that provide access to the brand portals online. The brand representatives can guide clients in the use of the websites or use the terminal in the back column to check out retrieved products.

Photos by José Castrellon