Courtyard House


Client: private
Location: Buenaventura, Rio Hato, Coclé
Year: 2010-12
Area: 425m² enclosed / 810m² roofed
Status: Completed

The house is located in a beach suburb about 500m from shore. The division of the building mass in two lateral volumes focuses the house and its use on the courtyards and the main living space in the middle axis. That way we create a permeable central space that facilitates the comunity of all inhabitants. The five bedrooms are located on the outside of the eastern part towards the morning light and connected via open corridors to the comunal spaces.

The wide awnings (1.5m and 2m) protect the inside from the strong tropical sun and the heavy rains. Together with the ample sliding door openings this allows for unobstructed cross ventilation disregarding the weather. The dense vegetation and the natural stone walls of the entry courtyard on one side and the central tree and the large surface of water on the other side of the living space are creating a micro climate that helps to maintain the house cool.

Photos by: Fernando Alda