Client: Pradera Inmobiliaria
Location: Horizontes, Altos de Panamá
Year: 2012-2016
Area: 308m² enclosed / 450m² lots
Status: Completed

We created 4 different types of houses for a new neighbourhood of 77 lots in a valley in the north-west of Panamá. The designs offers an ample, open living where each house faces the valley and therefore maximises the view and natural lighting while protecting its privacy through the differences in height to the neighbour.
The project started as the second part of ‘Horizontes’, the only contemporary development within many neighbouring communities of feo-classical houses typical for the area.

The houses are organised in three zones where the middle one is used as circulation, ventilation and forming part of the social areas downstairs. The main roof is divided in two parts and stepped in height to break-up the visible roofscape of the neighbourhood even more. Retracted main openings, lateral awnings and highly insulated roofs and windows are offered to lift the environmental standard in this local housing segment. The project is available to buyers from March 2016 onwards.

Photos by: Fernando Alda