From Plan View to Perspective to Plan View

  • Authort.low
  • Date 11 October 2012
  • CategoryArchitecture Design Interior Design

As an architect I am always interested in plan views to help develop concepts, solve client issues, organize work flows and people’s movements. During the process they feel so clean, empty, lifeless and frozen. Only later in the process I develop perspectives of my projects using photos as bases for photomontages always trying to mach the photo angle with my drawings to give the project life and imagination.

Now I found Menno Aden’s plan view photos (perspectives as-well) and am amazed about how much they tell you about the space, inviting you to trace the inhabitants actions, their way of live and work, their sense of organization all that without them even being in the shots. What might they look like?
On a technical level the shots are abstract and fine arts and so on, but they way I see them, they are all the opposite, just a cut from the everyday world. A horizontal cut, a plan view, post construction. For me they fill my everyday design tool with life and show that the cleanest plan is only worth something if there’s someone bringing it to life, using it, messing it up, making it work.
Thank you Menno.