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    Since establishing EL PATIO arquitectos in Panama City in 2011 the directors, Patricia Alemán and Thilo Nuessgen are applying experience from Germany/Stuttgart, Spain/Barcelona and Australia/Sydney. To the date EL PATIO arquitectos have built public space, residential, commercial, medical, educational and hospitality projects at a level of architecture, interiors and urban design.
    We believe by seeing our designs through from sketching paper to completion and by being in touch with every detail we are defining the quality and impact of our projects.
    Our first project "Courtyard House" won the annual prize from the Panamanian Architects Association SPIA for the best residential architecture . Since then EL PATIO has been published in local and international print and social media. Currently we are working on urban design projects that will be of great impact and value to the City of Panama and the Hinterland.
    EL PATIO's goal is to offer its clients creative and personalized solutions based on functionality, image and sustainability using strategies that work for different budgets and scales. Our work is always aware of the positive long-term impact that a responsible and harmonious design creates.

  • Patricia Alemán

    Director / Founder

    Patricia graduated from Architecture at Universidad de Latinoamérica y el Caribe Isthmus. In 2006 she worked at architectus Sydney where she collaborated directly with the design directors Lindsay y Kerry Clare. After further three years of professional experience she went to live and study in Barcelona doing her masters degree in architecture and design at ELISAVA. Travelling Europe extensively she developed the desire to open her own studio together with her husband Thilo Nuessgen and to start working towards a more contemporary Panamá where the quality of urban life would be defined by a creative, responsible and inclusive architecture and urban design.

  • Thilo Nuessgen

    Director / Founder

    Born in Frankfurt, Germany, he studied Architecture and Urban Design at University of Stuttgart under Werner Sobek, Stefan Behling (Foster and Partners), Boris Podrecca and gained a decade of work experience with Uwe R. Bruckner in Stuttgart and with Lindsay and Kerry Clare in Sydney, Australia before coming to Panamá. Thilo is a certified architect in Germany. During his career he worked on international design competitions and has seen many projects from the drawing board through to construction. Thilo remains active as a professor and juror of design projects at Isthmus University. He is currently director of EL PATIO arquitectos together with his wife Patricia Alemán.

  • Efraín Cardona


    Graduated in Architecture at Universidad de los Andes in 2005 he is an architect with an ample field of interests. Having finished a masters degree in sustainable urban mobility at Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV) in 2011 one of his focus are cities, their forms and functions and innovative solutions for chronic problems.
    For Efrain a progressive technological approach needs to also nourish the esthetic aspect and its impact on the socio-cultural fabric of our habitats.
    As a design architect he is dedicated to investigating the initial building programme in detail and developing its potential. With over 10 years of work experience he also gained 6 years experience leading a construction company. During this period he achieved an additional degree in project management from UCV in 2014 and has built ample knowledge about detailed design and its execution on site.

  • Natércia Ferreira


    Born in Caracas, Natercia graduated from Architecture at Universidad José María Vargas. Between 2003 and 2016 she worked for Rueda&Vera Arquitectos, Fruto Vivas, O+B and as an independent on residential and commercial projects.
    From 2006 on she studied Photography at Roberto Mata in Caracas complimenting her architectural skills. In 2016 she relocated to Panamá colaborating with local architects designing and coordinating commercial and institutional projects. Besides her office work she dedicates time to architectural photography and joined EL PATIO arquitectos in june 2017.

  • Eugenia Alviarez


    Eugenia completed most of her academic studies in Venezuela. In 2010 she went to Vancouver to study English. After she stayed in Canada for several months Eugenia migrated to Panama, a country that welcomed her as her home from day one.
    In 2017 she completed a degree in Structural Architecture with honors at the Universidad Santa María la Antigua (USMA) where she participated in several design contests and social works building for the most needy. In 2018 she completed a specialized diploma in Revit Architecture and BIM development which allowed her to broaden her knowledge in the area of 3D and Information modeling and parametric design. Her profesional career began shortly before graduating; meanwhile she has collaborated in design, development and construction projects for large firms and construction companies in Panama.
    From a young age she had a desire to realize art projects and live her creative skills. Eugenia dedicates her free time to the creation of content, painting and dance.

  • Lola Nuessgen Alemán

    Hot Dog

    Lola has won over 8 pritzker awards and has served as inspiration for many architects such as Zaha Hadid, Bjarke Ingels, Thilo Nuessgen, Phillip Johnson, Patricia Aleman, and Norman Foster.
    She has a Masters Degree in Barkitechture and a Doctorate in Recreational Studies from the Bauhaus.


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